Blood of my Blood by Barry Lyga

Blood of My Blood - Barry Lyga

This is like my happy time right now. I feel like I've been able to read really great books, one after the other! Not only are some of my favorite series coming out with new installments, guaranteed to be awesome, but the 2 picks I chose at random were also pretty spectacular! October is a great reading month!

She knew all about the cops and their trigger fingers and their predilection for dealing with those who would attack their brethren. Her father had drummed such stories into her from a young age; more so into Whiz, who bore the burden of being a black boy about to grow into a black teen. If the police even look at you funny, Dad had said, you hit the ground and put your hands over your head. Don't talk back. Don't try to run. Don't try to explain. They're just looking for an excuse to shoot you. Don't give it to them.
The same would apply to Jazz, she knew, despite his white skin. He'd assaulted cops; bad enough. But he was also suspiciously tied to the death of an FBI agent, and that made Jazz the functional equivalent of a black teenager in a hoodie in a white neighborhood.

I have been waiting for Blood of my Blood for what feels like forever! In a way, in only this way, it reminds me of the wait for MOBY (Diana Gabaldon) because the previous book had multiple cliffhangers. The cliffhangers were so cliffhangery that I would randomly think of it and fret because I just HAD to know what happened.

Well it's here, I read it, and it was a really great ending to a really great dark series. Absolutely nobody can complain that allllll the buildup led to an ending that was a let down. The final showdown was epic. Jasper Dent is badASS. And, also he's a little bit scary.

Sure, some of the twists at the end were predictable but I think that most people who were predicting it were also thinking that it wouldn't happen. It's a YA book, right? It won't go there.... Well, I can say that lines were crossed, bodies were mutilated, minds were shattered, and horrible shitty things happened to people you love.

Hats off to Barry Lyga for writing a story about serial killers with what felt like completely chilling accuracy. Billy, Ugly J, and even Jasper himself, were all scary. Every scene with Billy Dent or Ugly J made me shudder.

Brilliant series, and hey! It's Halloween time! Looking for a scary creepy thriller? Look no further then this fictional story about a notorious serial killer and his son. Read it!