Seven by Adrienne Wilder

Seven - Adrienne Wilder

I really love M/M romance novels. I have always had a soft spot for romantic stories, but the older I get the harder they are to swallow. I really feel that the problem for me is that I don’t often like the heroine’s. In my opinion, I think that women are harder to write. I think it’s too easy for ‘strong and independent’ to come across as bitchy. On the flip side, it’s far to easy for ‘sweet and trusting’ to become TSTL. In M/M I don’t seem to have that problem very often, simply because there is no heroine.

The only problem that I have with M/M love stories are the covers. It is so hard to convince someone to read a book when the cover of it is just so unappealing. Far too often it means that a wonderful book is overlooked.

Anyway, Seven was not at all what I expected. And it’s far too good for that cover. I was thinking that the book would be something like Conspiracy Theory (Mel Gibson movie), but it wasn’t. Seven was more like M/M meets Matrix meets BDB. Which basically is a winning recipe for Wendy.

I’m not saying that it wasn’t without it’s flaws, because obviously I only gave it 4 stars. I marked down for two reasons. One, in the first half of the story I didn’t really like Chase much. Putting it simply, he was a dick. Second, sometimes the wording of the story, or a phrase here and there, was disconcerting. It just felt, like when someone hits a wrong note while playing an instrument.

The good news is that the more I read and the further I got in the book the more I forgot about those issues I had and got sucked into the backstory. The world building was both simple and intricate. The idea of a laboratory breeding/cloning human psyhics was not a plot device that I have read before.

But, the real draw to the story for me was the characters. While I liked Seven, I especially loved to read about Three and Four. My heart was hurting for Thirteen and Twenty Three, I hope that they are each other’s Center, and I was oddly turned on by Nine.

Those are the stories that I am most looking forward to, and with Thirteen coming next hopefully I don’t have to wait long!

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