Trowchester Blues by Alex Beecroft

Trowchester Blues - Alex Beecroft

Trowchester Blues started off really strong. Cop meets really really Bad Criminal, Cop is burnt out and frustrated with the world and loses his cool, punching Bad Criminal in the face. (I applauded, by the way.) Cop then decides to resign, knowing that he just can’t handle that life anymore. Cop then returns to his childhood home in order to lay his teenage demons to rest, thereupon meeting Cute and Quirky Criminal

That sounds really interesting. Good character outline, for sure. From there, it actually got better! Michael (Cop) goes into a used bookstore, and oh my goodness what a magical place it was, and meets Finn (Cute and Quirky Criminal). I didn’t know what to think of Finn at first. You see, I’ve never read a character like him in a M/M story. He was like a young gay Giles! Tweed Jacket, Oxford British accent. Small. One may say even kinda foppish. Yet it worked! He was so unique, and both Michael and I were both completely charmed by him.

Unfortunately, it was shortly after that where everything started going downhill. The plot, which started off pretty interesting, just went haywire. I wasn’t sure what we were supposed to focus on, and the new plot that was introduced was just so silly.

Even worse, everything was just so rushed. By about 50% into the book Michael and Finn had barely spent all that much time together. One dinner. One tangle in the bed. At about 70% (not including another date) they were confessing their undying love for each other, and at 90% they were fully committed. I had biblio-whiplash.

Honestly, in the end, what had started off really really great left me completely annoyed.

There was one aspect, from the side stories, that I really enjoyed. It was the sub-story of The Runaway. In particular, it was The Runaway and Michael. It was also how all of this eventually tied into Finn.

Still, despite that small part and the interesting start, I think I’ll sit on on the rest of this series. It just wasn’t for me, sadly.

Thank you to Riptide Publishing and Netgalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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