Fair Game by Josh Lanyon

Fair Game - Josh Lanyon

Fair Game reminded me, in some ways, of the Holmes and Moriarity series that was my first dip into Josh Lanyon’s writing. In both series Elliot and Kit were unhappily thrust back into interacting with their ex’s. In both books the previous relationships ended badly, and they were filled with dread at the thought of seeing their past lovers. The reality of those meetings were painful and awkward. In a lot of ways both Tucker and J.X. were very similar men too. Serious, stoic, lawmen but tender and romantic too. That’s about all you could compare though.

Elliot was far more capable than sweet but bumbling Kit. Elliot was even, for people other than me, possibly even more likeable. (I prefer Kit, but that’s because I find that characters that are less sure of themselves far more familiar to me.) Elliot is an ex-FBI agent and he’s had some serious training both in solving crimes and in hand to hand combat. A knee injury may have sidelined him but he’s still able to take on most of what is thrown his way, which makes the history between him and Tucker harder to bear.

Tucker and Elliot had a really intense connection though. Their breakup wasn’t one sided, both of them felt as though they had been wronged and hurt and as the reader you could see both sides. It made for great conflict.

What makes me love Josh Lanyon isn’t just the romance, because there are a lot of really good M/M romance writers. It’s actually the mysteries that I love the most. They’re not overly thought out or too complicated, they’re fun and hold your attention easily. They kind of remind me of an old Nancy Drew Files story, big surprises at chapter ends, and a good battle for the climax. It’s a recipe that’s always successful.

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