Mad About the Hatter by Dakota Chase

Mad About the Hatter - Dakota Chase

Mad About the Hatter was not at all what I thought it would be. I prepared myself for a romance that was loosely tied to Alice in Wonderland… something that took place in Wonderland but was just more like your usual YA stories. The reality was a complete surprise.

First of all, I did not expect the story to be written with so much of Lewis Carol’s heart! Mad About the Hatter was as topsy turvy as the original story was. It felt like the core of each character was as strong in this book as it was in the original. I was blown away by how the author was able to embody the spirit of the story the way she did. I can’t imagine it was easy, or maybe it was in which case I’m even more impressed! I’m pretty positive I would never have been able to come up with all the confusion and Wonderlandness that was contained in this short book.

The Madhatter, in particular, was simply wonderful. He was the highlight of the story for me. He was delightfully confusing, and it was so funny watching him spin Henry in circles with his nonsense. We even got to read Henry taking a stab at ‘Why is a Raven like a writing desk?’.

What I thought was lacking was the connection between Henry and the Hatter. Possibly the problem was that for only 190 pages, there was so much going on. We just weren’t getting enough one on one time between the two of them for the reader to feel like the emotions were growing believably. The romance felt forced, when it was even discussed at all. There was a lot of telling, telling us about how attracted they were to each other, telling us how much they meant to each other. There weren’t enough moments that we actually got to read and relish in.

I’m not saying that I think it should have been romance heavy. I’m saying that there could have been more of a balance between attempting to dethrone the Red Queen, and the opportunity to watch the characters fall in love.

Actually, if I were rating on plot alone the book would likely be 2.5-3 stars. I decided to give Mad About the Hatter 4 stars due to the unique writing alone. If the plot had been as brilliant as the writing it may have been a five star read.

Thank you to HARMONY INK PRESS and Netgalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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