“I brought mad beets.”

Nuts (The Hudson Valley Series) - Alice Clayton

If you follow my reviews in any way you’ve probably noticed how I am not usually a fan of contemporary romance novels.  I’m a very hard sell because I’m cynical.  I’m far more cynical of contemporary romance novels than I am any other type of romance genre.  I always seem to get sucked in, though.  Sometimes it pays off.  Nuts paid off.


Nuts was also my first book by Alice Clayton.  It came highly recommended by by one of my lovely co-bloggers, who reassured me that Alice Claytons books are funny and cute, and completely enjoyable.  She was so right.  It was the perfect relaxing read, and I am so glad that I got a chance to review it.


Let me start out by saying that Nuts doesn’t take itself too seriously.  Roxie was hilarious without compromising her believability.  Leo was sweet without being dull.  Likely due to the lighter MC’s, there was absolutely no angst!  When a problem arose, it was addressed head on.  They were all interesting with big personalities.  None of the characters were so stubborn that they were detriments to their own happiness, which frequently happens in contemporary romances.  You just felt happy reading it.


In addition to Roxie and Leo, I loved The Chad Bowman and his equally handsome husband The Logan O’Reilly.  Chad’s antics whenever Roxie was talking to Leo had me cracking up.  Biting the napkin, spelling words with the saltshaker… he was such a ham all the time.  I got almost as much enjoyment from Chad and Logan as I did from Roxie and Leo.


This will absolutely not be my last Alice Clayton book.  While I eagerly await the next Hudson Valley book I’ll be holding myself over with Ms. Clayton’s other books.