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The Reluctant Duchess - Sharon Cullen

I’m not normally a fan fancy dress covers, in any genre, but there was something about this one that made me pause.  It’s a really beautiful picture, so pretty that I didn’t even really care about the synopsis and that’s not usually my M.O.


The plot was just okay.  It’s not unfortunate, and it’s not fortunate.  It’s bland.  It was just okay.  There aren’t any spectacular reveals, nothing that I didn’t see coming, and everything that I predicted.  I wish I had more to say that was profound, but the story wasn’t really profound at all.


It was cute, though, sometimes.  Sara was sweet and innocent, and only slightly annoying.  The relationship between Sara and Ross hit all the notes it was supposed to but nothing pushed it over the edge into something spectacular.  I didn’t swoon or giggle in glee even once, but I never felt turned off enough to put the book down.


The Reluctant Duchess made sure to shoot straight down the lane, without veering.  Unfortunately great reward is usually preceded by great risk, and this book took no risk at all.