Holiday Read #1

Rebound Remedy - Christine d'Abo

Rebound Remedy wound up being more issues than enjoyment, sadly. Insta-love is already a tough pill to swallow, but it’s even harder when it happens just after a bad breakup, and then it’s a book that’s only 155 pages. The relationship developed far too fast, in too small a time frame, for it to have been even remotely believable.

I wish the author had stuck closer to the title of the story, Rebound Remedy. The title implies that the rebound was exactly what Cole needed to put his past relationship behind him. Which, to be fair, he did. It just shouldn’t have been an insta-love situation, it should have just been an agreeable rebound situation only.

Look, it’s the 21st century. There’s nothing wrong with a story that is just about a sexual relationship. Frankly, the best part of the story was the friendship that Cole and Owen found with each other. Their joint enjoyment of hockey, and the easy way they were able to talk to each other, that was where the strength in the story was.

In my opinion, if the author had focused the story on being about the rebound, with two men who went in with their eyes wide open, and they wound up finding a friendship out of it, the plot would have been far better. AND, it would have opened the door for her to eventually do a second holiday story a year later, when their friendship returns to the bedroom and they actually fall in love.

Alas, she didn’t. She pushed it. So, sadly I can only give the book 2 1/2 stars.

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