Holiday Read #2

Stranded - HelenKay Dimon

Of the three Riptide holiday reads that I requested, Stranded was the one that I was the most excited for. Hot assassins, sordid past, Brax’s attempt to win back the heart of the one he lost. It was everything I really look for in my romance novels… or at least the things that tend to yank me in.

It was pretty good too. I wasn’t disappointed at all. I mean, it wasn’t perfect. I thought that Brax and Cabe were both stubborn assholes. I wasn’t sure that Brax deserved forgiveness and Cabe was cruel at times for no good reason. They are both violent men.

What was good about it, however, is exactly what was wrong with Rebound Remedy. In Stranded the story starts out with two men who already had a history, they were clearly already in love. They had a quite extensive history, and were already wedged deeply within each others hearts. Instead, this book was all about redemption and forgiveness. It was the perfect sub-story for 155 pages. I didn’t need to believe that they could fall in love. I just needed to believe that their love was strong enough to overcome betrayal.

Despite the stubbornness and assholishness, I actually did believe it.

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