Slightly Feral

Gunmetal Magic (Kate Daniels, #5.5) - Ilona Andrews

Oh MAN, how I missed this series!  I can not believe I put off reading this baby for so long!  What the heck was I thinking!?


I patted my horse's neck.  Her name was Sugar and she had come from the Keep stables.  She was a Tennessee Walker, smart and calm, with high endurance.  I liked her color too-she was a red roan of such a pale shade, she almost looked pink. Kate smirked.


"Your horse looks pink."


"If you paste some stars on her butt, you'll be riding My Little Pony."


The best part of this book; Raphael... scrumdidlyumptious, that's what he is.  I've had a thing for Raphael since I first met him oh so long ago, and he did not disappoint at all.  I didn't even care that Bouda's become stinking Hyena's, lmao (sorry, my brain connects Hyena's to Lion King and Clan of the Cave Bear).  Something about his 'crazy manic cackle' was effing sexy! 


Speaking of the crazy manic cackles, can I just break here to say that I absolutely loved how absolutely insane these Bouda's were.  Kate and Curran are both so intense and controlled, it was great seeing Andrea and Raphael who just are not.  At least Andrea isn't anymore... I also really liked Ascenio.  I'm looking forward to seeing where he's going.


Second best part of this book; snippets of Curran and Kate.  Man, I love these two.  The big fearsome Beast Lord and his smart mouth badass consort, who love to snuggle and cuddle each other.  Love them, and I'm so excited to move onto Magic Rises! 


I knew what waited behind the door.  Raphael and his mother.  A few members of Clan Bouda.  Kate and Curran.  My friends, my alpha, my mate, and the new future.  For once, I wouldn't have to hide who I was.

I opened the door.