Shadows and blood. And monsters.

Fire & Ash  - Jonathan Maberry

"So... I guess you have to ask yourself, young samurai, how far would you be willing to go to stop Saint John if he was coming after you and yours? How scary are you willing to be in order to take the heart out of the enemy? Are you willing to be the monster in the dark? Are you willing to be the boogeyman of their nightmares? If you can look inside your own head and see the line that you won't cross, the limit that's too far, then I can guarantee you Saint John will win. No question about it."


I hate when you reach the final book of a series that you love. It's always so sad, especially when the last book is so good. And Fire & Ash was so good. It was hard to put down, and it was action packed. You're proud of these kids, proud of how far they've come. The series spans only one year, but by the end they're adults and they've seen and been through a lot.


There are ups and downs, sad things and wonderful things, and in the end I'm very satisfied with where the book was left. Not everything was perfect, but things were on the mend. You have no idea how much I love a zombie novel that ends with hope. I like to think that humanity will win in the end, overcoming all the odds.


And there were also the funny's, not a lot of them, but a few times that you'd snicker or grin. Annnnnd there was even some name dropping! Let me know when you get there! :)


The Benny Imura series is a consistent read from book to book, and it's really going to suck not having new ones to look forward to.


"America was born in the fires of a revolution, with people who wanted to push back against oppression. It was made tougher in the furnace of a civil war to make everyone free. In every single decade there were people who stood up and spoke out, people who made a stand. I look at you and what you represent, and I look at these four kids here and all their integrity and potential, and sister, you don't measure up too well."