Love Lessons - Heidi Cullinan

I really thought I hit the nail on the head with this one. I definitely came close. From pretty early on I fell in love with Walter and Kelly, both individually and as a couple. In particular I thought that their relationship was based in mutual respect and admiration. Love Lessons was actually pretty angsty, and I generally hate relationship angst in a novel, but in this book the angst was handled really well. Walter had a serious amount of baggage, and that definitely threw a crimp in their relationship, but once they'd decided to be together, Kelly held on as tight as he could. With as much love as humanly possible he reminded Walter how much he was loved, and he did it as much as it was needed. I suppose that's the key to an angsty book, for me. Having two characters who fight to be together, despite all the curve balls. In that way, it actually reminded me of Understatement of the Year.

The only criticism I may have, and it is petty, is some of the verbiage and wording that the author used. The one that was used the most often was calling an attractive guy 'Talent'. In the beginning I curled my lip, but toward the end it actually started feeling cute. Like, 'you're money, baby!' from Swingers. It started to feel like Walter's thing. Hopefully, though, it doesn't continue in the future books, because it'll lose that cuteness.

Overall, loved. Seriously seriously loved this book. I can't decide if it's epic, but I can say it's definitely a favorite.