Can of Worms

Parasite - Mira Grant

We're going to change the world.  It doesn't matter that we've already done that more than once.  All that means is that we need to work harder to do it again.


Opening Statement: I figured it all out.  Almost every single piece, except for one.  But, in the end I didn't care.  The story was good even if you did know what was going to happen and when the surprises weren't actually surprising.


"You both get out okay? 'Cause if you didn't, Doctor C says I can maybe field-test my new rocket launcher, and that would be boss.  So I'm totally down with you saying you're hiding in a storm drain right now, waiting for a coincidentally convenient rescue."


I was apprehensive to start this book.  I loved Newsflesh.  So much; Feed being my favorite.  So it was hard imagining moving on with this new world.  Look at me, I write as though I've never read multiple series from the same author.  I think that I was just worried that I was going to be disappointed when I'd had such high hopes.  And, honestly, it wasn't as good as Feed for me.  Still, I wasn't disappointed.  I was actually impressed.  My low expectations prepared me for something new and pretty darn good.


Sal, in the beginning, was hard to understand but she grew on me.  Nathan was sort of blah at first, but he grew on me.  I have very little complaints about the book, save one: Was it me or were Tansy and Doc C characters that were veeery similar to characters from Newsflesh?? 


Anyway, if you're questioning if Mira Grant could pull it off twice, the jury is still out.  But, the bright side is that it means that the verdict hasn't been decided and thus it's worth continuing.  Now, when does the next one come out...?


Love me once to lose me twice;

Learn to take your own advice.

Try to love the darkness if you want to reach the light.

Know your quest but leave your name.

I will love you all the same.

There's beauty in the starkness of this never-ending night.


The broken doors are open, and they yearn to bring you home. 

My darling boy, be careful now, and don't go out alone.