Cookies and Safety Lines

Written in Red - Anne Bishop

Gush Gush Gush! That's all I'm about to do!


Leea has been pushing us to buddy read this book for a while now, and I admit to dragging my heels about it. I'm honestly not sure why, it wasn't a conscious thought, just a hesitancy. Could it have been the cover? Maybe that Anne Bishop was the author? There's nothing wrong with the cover of the book at all. It just didn't hook me. And I've never read another book by Anne Bishop either, so I had no basis for determining that I didn't like her. However, maybe it's the the sound of the name makes me think of fluffy romance novels, kind of like Danielle Steele. The thing is, that is completely unfounded because when I look at her books I see nothing that should have pushed me that way. Whatever the reason, I made a big mistake. Anne Bishop, if you're ever to read this, I sincerely apologize for whatever caused my snap judgement because this book was absolutely excellent!


The world was so unique. I've read about shifters, vamps and elementals before but nothing at all like this. Usually they either coexist, hide from, or try to fit in with the humans. Not in this world.


The characters were very well developed, with distinctive personalities. And their reaction to humans and Meg in particular was uncomfortable in the beginning. So, for me, reading the slow progression toward acceptance was really sweet and it made me love all these characters even more. I've always always said that, for me, I have to have sweetness in order to care about the people in the story and that happened in this book.


(I won't go into Simon too much, but totally my fav!)


And, you know what the very best part of reading this was? The fact that Amazon says book 2 will be out in two days! I know, once I've read that one I'll have to wait forever for the next, but let's not focus on that right now. Let's focus on, 'book 2 is out on Tuuuuuesday, what what!'


4.5 stars.