Headed for Trouble

Headed for Trouble - Suzanne Brockmann

You know how in a series you'll get a snippet of something that happened off the pages, like 'Sam plans to take Gina, Robin and the kids on a vacation' but you don't get to read it? Well in this book we got all these little side quick looks into events that happened over the course of the Troubleshooters books. Plus, we got interviews with specific characters. Suzanne interviews Tom and Kelly, Suzanne interviews Savannah and Ken, Suzanne interviews Izzy, Jenk, Lopez and Gillman (one of my favorites!).


I'm sure everyone who's read this book has their own personal little favorites. Mine was the first time Izzy, Jenk, Lopez and Gillman hang out with Tony V. Funny and cute, and I could read more books about these 4 just hanging out.


But don't let this book of shorts fool you, because not only did I laugh but I cried too. Brockmann brought us face to face with the struggles and tribulations of life as/with a soldier. They die, they leave behind their loved ones, and their family's live every day with a certain amount of fear. It was heart breaking.


I didn't save any special quotes or any special notations, but mostly because my friend Leea wrote a beautiful review for this book that I intended to bring to your attention. There's no way I could say it better.