All Through the Night (Troubleshooters Series #12)

All Through the Night: A Troubleshooter Christmas - Suzanne Brockmann

Gawrsh.... I love these boys!


I don't know what it is about M/M love stories that hits me so hard. I think maybe it's because most of the time I'm not really fond of the female characters in a book. With an M/M I get two POV's that get me all giddy. Robin's infectious personality was so sexy. He was just so full of charisma and obvious happiness. And Jules possessiveness was hot, so hot. Robin made reference to how it turned him on that Jules all but pissed circles around him, staking his claim, and I couldn't help but think that a certain amount of possessiveness turns ME on too! Jules felt terrible, but Robin just told him that he likes the way it makes him feel, that's me. I love that feeling. So basically every second between them was swoon-worthy. I was giggling and blushing at work reading the book. I wish there were more of them... I could read a whole series about these two.


Another thing that I loved about the book was that there wasn't too much of a 'Troubleshooters/Team Sixteen' plot. No big case being worked on. It was all just romance and sweetness with a few small nail biters added in. This was purely about the love between Robin and Jules and it was incredibly refreshing and perfect. This book just made me so... happy!


There were two minor things that left me a little bummed. First, it was hard to believe that, after everything that happened in book 11, Ric and Annie wouldn't be at the wedding or at the parties. It felt like Annie and Robin in particular really struck up a friendship. Brockman is usually really good at weaving the characters in, and she made sure to mention that Will ran into Nash at a party, but no mention of poor Ric and Annie... were they really not in the invite list?! Also, Troubleshooters isn't heavy on the sex, but there's usually one or two really good intimate sex scene between the MC's. Let me add, I applaud Brockman writing this book and paving the way for others like Blay and Qhuinn. The love story was brilliant... I just really wish we had gotten for Jules and Robin what she normally gives for her regular M/F HEA's. One or two beautiful sex scenes. Alas, pretty much Jules and Robin were always 'fade to black'. It makes me particularly thankful for authors like Jordan Castillo Price who write these love stories and don't hold back.


Anyway, still, I loved it. 5 stars. More more!