Siege  (As The World Dies, #3) - Rhiannon Frater

I'm going to give this review my best shot, but I can already tell that this is going to be a tough one for me.


Katie, Jenni and the gang have made a home. A home that another group of survivors (including a senator) want to take over. Horrible things happen, and people we love don't make it. It hurt, and made me cry messily at work!


Despite all that, this trilogy ends on a hopeful note, still full of love and fighting to survive.


We got some wonderful new characters in this final book, which makes this story full of different people and multiple view points.


Rune is a biker who can see the dead. Not the same dead that everyone else is seeing these days, but the spiritual dead. He's an interesting nomadic character, ever settling down for too long otherwise the ghosts will know that he can see them.


Kevin made a brief appearance in the first book but he joins our cast of characters more full time in this one, and he grew on me quickly.


Dale... lol... Who brought out the books first and only triangle, that actually didn't annoy me at all.


I'm sorry... this review sucks. I am mentally exhausted. Just worn out. I'm also in mourning.


I did struggle with the ghost aspect. It was one thing when Dale could see them, it was another when the whole town was able to see them. And I'm still not sure why all of the sudden they were able to cross over to the other side. They never really explained why they started going toward the white light.


So much happened in this book that I'm at a loss for how to review it without including spoilers. (Leea, I hope you captured it better than I did.)