Wearing the Fur

Joyland - Stephen King

"When it comes to the past, everyone writes fiction."


Devin Jones is in loooove with Wendy Keegan.  He daydreams about marriage and babies and a future with his college sweetheart, and that's despite all the signs he's been given that all is not peachy in paradise for this couple.  Wendy takes a trip with her roommate and this leaves Devin free for his summer vacation, so he takes a job at Joyland, a privately owned, barely keeping it's head above water, amusement park in North Carolina.  

"I hope you'll always look back on your time in Joyland as something special.  We don't sell furniture.  We don't sell cars.  We don't sell land or houses or retirement funds.  We have no political agenda.  We sell fun.  Never forget that.  Thank you for your attention.  Now go forth."

What follows is a coming of age, NA, story all about selling joy and finding peace within yourself.  It's full of ghosts and friendships that last a lifetime, and it's full of internal reflection and broken hearts.  And ladies and gentleman it will make you cry!  It will make you sob buckets.  Read this book, but read it prepared.  Bring your box of tissues and prepare to have your heart put into a vise.  Stephen King wrote an amazing little story in 280 pages, and it's soared to the top of my favorite Stephen King books easily.  There didn't need to be horror and evil aliens; there didn't need to be anything but a 21 year old man at an amusement park meeting a host of amazing wonderful characters in the early 70's.

Simply beautiful.  5 stars.