Feeling my biblio-groove again! (Nov reads)

Undivided - Neal Shusterman Symbiont - Mira Grant Hate is Such a Strong Word... - Sarah Ayoub The Final Descent - Rick Yancey Revival - Stephen King Somebody Killed His Editor - Josh Lanyon All She Wrote - Josh Lanyon

This feels so good!


For months and months, since the spring, my reading has been nearly nonexistent.  I mean, I'm talking only like one or two books a month.


The worst part was that I went into this change in my life and pattern just after joining an actual blog, when I'm supposed to be on my game and I just wasn't.  


I've finished SEVEN books this month!  It's not quite the 11 I was at previously, but damn it I'm proud of those 7 books up there.


Best book that I read up there is probably Undivided.  It's maybe a little bit cheating though since it's the final installment in a beloved series so if I'm being fair my favorite book that was a total surprise was Someone Killed His Editor.  (Awful cover.  Awful.  Really cute story.)


I don't think that any of these books qualifies as a 'disappointment' but I guess if I had to pick one that I liked the least it would definitely be Hate is Such a Strong Word.  


Overall, I'm happy with how my month ended.  I definitely intend to do more for December!