Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren

Sweet Filthy Boy - Christina Lauren

This is a new thing for me, honestly. I’m not really a fan of NA or of Contemporary romances. I feel like they are usually to angsty for me, or that the female characters in them are TSTL (imo). I actually hate reviewing a book I didn’t like, because I feel like it’s a waste of time and also because ‘not liking’ something is an opinion and I know that I can be harsher than someone else BECAUSE of those reasons I gave above. Sometimes I feel like it’s better to read the review from a fan of the genre.


Luckily I actually liked this one, which I think makes for a valid review. If I, a non-fan of the genres, liked it then it’s gotta be pretty good, right?


The heroine in the story, Mia, didn’t react to things at random and for no reason. If she made a bad decision there was usually an understandable reason for it. Ansel was pretty dang sexy, even for a workaholic lawyer who loved (in his free time) to be a goofball. Together they made a pretty irresistible pair. Sweet Filthy Boy actually had to work to make me enjoy it because the whole time I was reading I was waiting for the shoe to fall. I kept thinking, ‘oh I know Lauren is gonna do this and it’s going to ruin everything’, or ‘there’s no way she’s not going to fall into those contemporary tropes and I’ll find myself annoyed’, but it didn’t happen and I think that’s probably part of why I enjoyed it.


Also, the sex, holy moly this was one seriously steamy book. I actually really like the way the author writes kink or fetishes. It’s hot without being weird or going too far. I think my only complaint would be that there was a lot of sex. I prefer my books with a little less sex and a little more romance.


All in all, book one was good. I’m going to give book two a shot and see if the momentum keeps going. Next up, Harlow and Finn…


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