Any Way You Slice It by Kristine Carlson Asselin

Any Way You Slice It - Kristine Carlson Asselin

Requesting Any Way You Slice It was a whim for me. I actually saw this book when Netgalley advertised it on Twitter, and impulsively requested it, like a twitchy finger on the trigger. I think what made me interested, initially, was the idea of a girl aching to play hockey. Don’t get me wrong, in no way at all am I an athletic girl. I was never one to join a team sport. I was far too busy with my nose in a book to actually take time out to play anything. What I am, however, is a girl who loves to read sporty fictional books. I love sporty books, and sporty movies… I may not be a team player, but I definitely love reading about them. While I read this I kept thinking of Connie from Mighty Ducks, one of my favs!

The book itself was pretty cute too. It was a fast read, really light and fluffy. There was a very small amount of angst, practically none actually. There were all these questions, like why was Pen so angry with Jake? What big secret ruined their friendship? How would Pen’s family feel when they found out she was sneaking around to play Hockey? Why did Pen’s father stop playing Hockey himself? At any point the author could have taken Any Way You Slice It to a place that was darker, but she didn’t. She kept it light and teenage appropriate.

All was as it should be. Sometimes teenage drama isn’t actually deep and life altering, sometimes it’s all just forgivable. Most of the time, probably.

So, while I couldn’t give it more than 3 stars because there wasn’t much to the story, those stars aren’t disappointed in the book at all. Each star would mention this book to anyone who is looking for a fast read that doesn’t take too much brain power. They are three very contented happy little stars.

Thank you to Bloomsbury Spark and Netgalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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