Fair Play by Josh Lanyon

Fair Play - Josh Lanyon

In the second installment in the All’s Fair series, Fair Play brings us back to Tucker and Elliot. They’ve established their relationship but things are still tentative. For instance, conservative government paid FBI agent Tucker does not get along very well with Elliot’s leftist and anti-‘The Man’ activist father Roland.

Roland’s past is a murky one, full of illegal, anti-political, activities that not even Elliot knows all about. Tucker accepts that it’s who Roland is, and Roland accepts that Elliot loves Tucker, but it is a tenuous truce between the two very different men and one that is honored only because they both love Elliot.

What makes the second installment better than the first, for me, was getting to know more about Roland and his past. I love reading about father child relationships and I think that, despite the differences between Elliot and his father, Josh Lanyon did a superb job showing readers just how much they meant to each other. Also, another thing I loved was that Tucker and Elliot are mostly united in this case. With most of the angst concluding in the first installment, we get to read their relationship as domestic partners in Fair Play, and I always like that more.

The case, those fun little detective stories, was good too. Better than the first case. I loved getting snippets of Roland’s memoir and how it played into why he was being stalked. Roland’s group of friends in the 70’s and the trouble they used to stir up made me feel like this second book would have made a pretty good TV movie.

Finishing both of these books left me feeling the same way I did when I finished Holmes & Moriarity. I wanted more!

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