Paper Airplanes by Dawn O'Porter

Paper Aeroplanes - Dawn O'Porter

Paper Aeroplanes was an impulse review. I actually read the synopsis of the sequel and wanted it, realizing that I’d have to read this one first. The closer that I got to the date this review was scheduled the more nervous I was was. I’m not really brave with my reads, I don’t easily read obscure books because it’s just way to easy to be wrong about them and I don’t enjoy reading books that don’t speak to me. It’s a struggle.

Paper Aeroplanes was decent. I enjoyed reading about how these two girls found a really profound friendship. I even shed tears while reading, which is always a bonus. Also, in the plus column would be the fact that there wasn’t any type of romance going on. It was literally just about these two girls, their lives, and how they found each other. It was the story of friendship.

There were some downsides though. For instance, with the exception of Flo and Renee, most every single other character in the story was a jerk. I don’t mean, like I thought they were jerks, no they were ACTUALLY jerks. All of them, with the exception Flo’s Dad, were really horrible people. No wonder these two girls needed someone, every person they were surrounded by was really crappy. I usually like characters that are more gray, ones that can be jerks but you see the good in them too.

I am really excited for Goose, though. I hope that there’s growth in some of the secondary characters.

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