Scar Girl by Len Vlahos

Scar Girl - Len Vlahos

Scar Girl was good. I enjoyed it. I loved the way that the story was told as an interview. It was a unique and an interesting way to tell the second part of the punk rock band’s story.

I just don’t think it was actually necessary to tell it. I really loved the way the first book ended. You, as the reader, knew that things were still bumpy. They weren’t over the rough stuff, but it ended in a good place. I was hopeful that things were going to get better.

Normally I’m a fan of sequels. I hate saying goodbye to characters or a story that I love, and I’m usually totally down for reading more. Sometimes it’s better to leave us with a little less.

All in all, I think the series is good, but the first book is most definitely worth reading.

Thank you to Egmont USA and Netgalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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