Torment and Insanity

A Seditious Affair - K.J. Charles

First things first, Silas and Dominic are hot hot hot!

When I finished A Fashionable Indulgence my first thought wasn’t about how heated Julius and Harry were in the bedroom. That first installment had other strengths, namely Julius. Not A Seditious Affair, though! This book brought the steam, which was perfectly paired with an honest and historical plot that wasn’t overwhelming.

There was a beautiful symmetry to Silas and Dom, one that put these two men on an even playing field despite their important differences. Yes, Silas was a poor radical that made just enough money to scrape by and help others where he could, and Dom was a wealthy Gentleman who worked for the Home Office and who’s job it was to hunt down the radicals. K.J. Charles balanced the two men, not leaving the reader feeling as though Silas were lesser, by making Silas king in the bedroom. Dom’s sexual appetites didn’t just lean on the side of bondage and S&M, he fully craved it. He endangered himself in an effort to reach satisfaction. In an effort to keep him safe, his best friend secretly arranged for Dom to meet a man who could give what he needed. And Silas didn’t hold back. He made sure that Dom knew exactly who he belonged to, and Dom reveled in it. Silas’s openness, the fact that he didn’t condemn Dom for his predilections, and their ability to communicate passionately are what made the two men fall in love. I thought that they were perfectly paired, and I think that’s ultimately what made me love them, the story, and the heat so damn much.

I also loved that the strife didn’t come from their feelings for each other, or their chemistry. It came from their political and social standing. They were literally on opposite sides of a divide. It was so hard to read about how much they meant to each other and worry about getting a happy ending that didn’t cheapen either character. As much as I wanted Silas to stop risking himself, and Dom to stop being on the wrong side of the politics, I hated the idea that either man would give in and then become resentful. I’m not sure how successful the author was to that end, however I think that this situation was as good as it was going to get.

Lastly, I loved reading Julius in this book nearly as much as I loved him in A Fashionable Indulgence. That man is bloody brilliant, and hilarious. I look forward to even more acerbic wit and foppish clothing in future books! And if he is missing, I can guarantee that there will be a similar sized hole in my heart.

Bring on book #3, Richard and Foxy!

Thank you to Loveswept and Netgalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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