Cold Fusion

Cold Fusion - Harper Fox

Starting out, I was pretty sure that I was really going to like Cold Fusion. My co-blogger Angie read the synopsis and immediately said ‘that’s a Wendy book’. The writing was good, it was smart, it was interesting. It shouldn’t have gone downhill, but it did.

I loved how that Mallory was a fighter for our environment. I thought it was so interesting that he worked as an anti-whaler, and I had hopes that the story would follow more closely along those lines when he found Vivian and the answer to cold fusion. If you plan to read this book, and you are under the same assumption, we were both wrong.

The book’s real story was about Mallory and Vivian, which is fine because I was looking forward to that, but even in the romance it became more about Vivian’s history and secrets than it did about the cold fusion and the battle for the environment. Vivian was autistic, and that plus the problems that came with putting the oil company out of business, was enough plot for the book. It felt like the author just kept adding more and more layers to the plot, and it ended up overshadowing the reason I requested in the first place.

What I did enjoy in this book was Vivian himself. He knew that he didn’t fit in, and he had found a way to be okay with that. He knew he didn’t have any life experience, but since he couldn’t handle touch he had learned to live with that also. Until he met Mallory, and watching him learn and accept love, it was really sweet.

All in all, it wasn’t an entirely regrettable read. It just wound up being not quite as good as I expected.

Thank you to Samhain and Netgalley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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