Setting a New Standard

Magic Stars  -  Ilona Andrews

Man, was this novella good! I was reading it and just wishing it were longer, or wishing that there were more installments.

I loved seeing how strong Julie has grown, so much like her foster mom and dad. She's fearless, and funny. She's brutal with her tomahawk and her magic. She makes a great heroine and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Derek was equally spectacular, especially his strength. We really get into his head, and find out just exactly what it is he's going through. He's incredible, and still so witty and funny despite what's going on internally.

BUT, it was Julie and Derek together that made the story what it is. They have a really awesome banter that I loved, and it's Julie who seems to center The Gray Wolf and keep him sane. I feel like I'm going to get exactly what I've always hoped for in my heart.