Fire Touched - Patricia Briggs

I love reading about Mercy and her crew. The series may not be at the top of my list of favorites, but I know every single time I pick one up I'm going to get a solid enjoyable read. Which is exactly what I felt like I got with Fire Touched.

Yes, the book is a 'bridge' book. The events in Fire Touched will shape future books, both in the Mercy Thompson series and in the Alpha and Omega series. Yes, the book could have been more action packed or had a more aggressive plot. Still, it had Adam, it had Mercy, it had pack hierarchy... it also added Aiden, who I think will eventually be one of my favorites. It had Adam and Mercy feeling parental with him. It had Aiden and Jessie butting heads, and then getting along. It didn't have Stephen but it did have Thomas.

Overall, a decent installment.

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