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Storm and Silence (Storm and Silence Saga) (Volume 1) - Robert Thier

Immediate Final Thoughts: Wow! That was awesome!

In an effort to keep it real, I’m fully admitting that selecting your next read based entirely off a synopsis can be pretty hit or miss. I’d say most of the time books selected this way will run anywhere from lukewarm to total flop. For that reason, no matter how excited I feel, I can’t help but prepare myself to be let down. Storm and Silence has a really great synopsis. It may not be a long blurb, but it packs a punch. In addition it has an eye-catching cover and a slew of glowing reviews to back it up. Again, despite all, I was both looking forward to the read and preparing myself to be the one voice of dissension. That so didn’t happen.

Storm and Silence had a momentum that only went uphill, starting in the first chapter. In the first few paragraphs of that first chapter, I started giggling. In the proceeding chapters, while continuing to giggle, I began to fall in love with Lilly. Toward the middle of the story I was completely in love with Mr. Ambrose. And secretly, without any awareness at all, I realized that I had actually fallen in love with nearly ALL of the characters! Each one was so completely different from the rest. They were so unique, even to characters I’ve read in other books too. I promise you, there isn’t another Patsy in any other story I’ve ever read.

I’m a character driven reader, so larger than life characters are a very important draw for me. However, that’s not to say that the plot or setting lacked. It didn’t. It was clever and I believe that the story created the perfect atmosphere for those brilliant characters to shine.

I also love a good, drawn out, romance. It didn’t hurt that the feelings between Mr. Ambrose and Lilly were a slow burn. This is not a story about unrequited love. This is a story of two people who would love nothing more than to run as far and fast from each other as possible, if it weren’t for the fact that they believe they’re stuck with each other. And of course Lilly has that pesky little voice inside her that continues to draw her to Ambrose’s side. I absolutely loved that what Mr. Ambrose finds himself attracted to, or at least what I think he’s attracted to, is the life and vibrancy inside Lilly. She is a woman, and yet she continuously outsmarts him, in the most hilarious way possible. In addition, despite his belief that nearly nobody can be trusted, she has proven her loyalty over and over, even when it’s a loyalty that he doesn’t even want. I’m pretty positive that he’s fallen in love with Lilly because of who she is, and not like heroes in other romance novels where all we hear is about is beauty. Lilly may actually BE beautiful and yet we don’t read that as the viewers, we get to read about her mind and her personality, and I love that.

I can’t conclude this review without mentioning that there were sections of the Storm and Silence that could have been edited down. I know there are readers out there who don’t think a book should exceed 400 pages, but I’m not one of them. A good story should be written with as many words as needed to convey something magical. Most everything in this book was necessary. There were just a few specific scenes that I thought, for me, could have been tightened and trimmed a bit to benefit the written emotion. Still, that was the only larger critique I could come up with to prevent my review from just being one big gush-fest.

It’s no surprise that Robert Thier has an underground fan-base already. His writing is witty and imaginative, and completely swept me away. I’ll be doing my very best to spread the word about Storm and Silence, because everyone I know should read good books and this was one darn good book. (With a crushing ending! I need book two, stat!)

Last thought, there was a surprise chapter at the end, a scene from Ambrose’s point of view. It was cute, Mr. Thier. It was also a tease. What we really want is a flipped POV of the drunken scene, and you know it. :)

Rating: 4.5 Stars = A

Thank you to Robert Thier for providing a copy of his book, in exchange for an honest review.

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