Trailer Trash

Trailer Trash - Marie Sexton

Wow! I honestly think this is the best Riptide book I’ve ever read, and definitely in the top of all M/M romances!

I loved the setting of the story because the characters were bleak, and the setting stabilized that bleakness. I thought all the side characters, from the kids at school to the parents, all carried the story and again they all set an atmosphere of despair and poverty. I thought it was pretty powerful how the author showed the reality of money. The better drugs these kids did the more horrid they acted, and it was in direct correlation to how much money was in their pockets, (Nate and Logan being the exceptions, which there always are). I also think that even though Cory was the most poor he was also the sweetest in personality, not just circumstance. He was a good kid, him and Nate both.

There was only one tiny aspect that perhaps kept me from loving it as completely as I could have, and it isn’t a dig on the writing at all. It’s a personal preference in reading choices only. I always have a hard time when two characters are too bullheaded to just open their mouths and speak. Nate and Cory both could have been saved from so much pain if they had just opened their mouths and talked. I know that sometimes that’s not how the characters are, and I accept that, I just find that I sit there reading and screaming in my head for them to stop running from each other and just talk! It kills me. And frustrates me. I think it was probably hard on Logan too, watching them. I liked Logan, btw. A lot.

Anyway, again great book. I didn’t even realize that Marie Sexton was the same author who wrote Winter Oranges, and I really liked that one too. She may be one of of those authors that just stays on my radar going forward.

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