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Attachments - Rainbow Rowell

It is officially official.  Rainbow Rowell is on the list.  After my gushing reviews of Fangirl and Eleanor & Park, you may be wondering what the heck took me so long, right?  Because I haven't given one of her books less than 4.5 stars yet... which is saying something since my all time favorite author of all is Melina Marchetta and I've given 4 star to one of her books.  (It may happen with Rainbow too, Melina is at 7 books (not including her early reader book) and Rainbow is at 3.) Anyway, I just like to be sure about something before I make it official.  And I'm sure.  I adore everything she writes.  Insta-buy people, no doubt about it.  Landline will be on my preorder list, most definitely.

Ahem, clearing my throat for some actual review:


Jennifer to Beth: I need a break from Mitch.  He's still in a funk about our successful use of birth control.
Beth to Jennifer: Can't.  I'm finally going to see Eyes Wide Shut.
Jennifer to Beth: Ech.  I don't like Tom Cruise.
Beth to Jennifer: Me neither.  But I usually like Tom Cruise movies.
Jennifer to Beth: Me, too... Huh, maybe I DO like Tom Cruise.  But I hate feeling pressured to find him attractive.  I don't.
Beth to Jennifer: Nobody does.  It's a lie perpetuated by the American media.  Tom Cruise and Julia Roberts.
Jennifer to Beth: Men don't like Julia Roberts?
Beth to Jennifer: Nope.  Her teeth scare them.


Let's start there, with Jennifer and Beth.  (If you're looking for a synopsis of the book, just click the little picture up top, haha.  It's too time consuming and I have too many quotes to fit in here.  Sorry if I'm feeling long winded.)  Jennifer and Beth... well, I honestly feel like Jennifer and Beth's emails were a near perfect silly representation of girly friendship.  From the talks about secret trips into Baby Gap, the bemoaning the 'always a bridesmaid never a bride', and the very first chapter where Jennifer seriously believes that she's pregnant all because she actually got drunk and usually never does, which means that the evils of the world will cause THAT moment to knock her up.  I've actually had that conversation before.  It's completely ludicrous but feels very real at the time.  I laughed the entire book.  The back and forth banter was smooth and wonderfully realistic.  Two best friends, there's nothing more wonderful and yet bizarre.  Unlike other books, I actually honestly adored the both of them.


That night, Lincoln got an email from Dave saying that Saturday's D&D game was off.  One of their kids had rotavirus, which Lincoln had never even heard of.  It sounded awful.  He pictured a virus with rotating blades and an engine.


Lincoln, oh Lincoln, how I love Lincoln... Let's hit pause right here for a second just to say, for those of you who weren't around for my review of Fangirl, please scroll up and click the link at the top of this review where I first said 'Fangirl'.  I made a very nice list about why Rainbow is such an amazing author and #2 covers what makes her male characters so amazing.  Okay, so Lincoln was no exception.  He was struggling, he was in a rut, emotionally dented from the past.  Still, he was smart, chivalrous, shy and so so sweet.  And the best part, just like all Rainbow's characters, he was real.  Just like Levi and Park, I'll randomly think about him long after reading this book.  It's because of that I found it easy to fall in love with him, not the ideal he represented.  Does that even make sense?


There are moments when you can't believe something wonderful is happening.  And there are moments when your entire consciousness is filled with knowing absolutely that something wonderful is happening.  Lincoln felt like he'd dunked his head into a sink full of Pop Rocks and turned on the water.


Slow and steady, that's Rainbow's writing.  Slow and steady, and sweetly romantic.  Don't read these books looking for steamy sex scenes.  Read her books because you're looking to float away.  Read them because you want a dreamy smile on your face.  Read them because everyone needs just a good ole love story sometimes.

I swear, between these three reviews I had to have convinced someone.  Come on, pick one up, give it a shot.  3 books, 15 stars between them.  I honestly do not think you can go wrong.


(psst, just one last thought:


"I sleep, Mom."
"During the day. We're meant to be awake with the sun, soaking up the vitamin D, and sleeping at night, in the dark.  When you were a little boy, I wouldn't even let you sleep with a night-light, do you remember?  It interferes with the melatonin production."


I think Rainbow and I are sisters, because that is my MOTHER!)