You Have Forgotten the Face of your Father

The Drawing of the Three - Stephen King

Well then... I blew through that pretty fast, and I can tell you already that I'm moving right into book number 3.


We get two new characters, and I really liked them both. Eddie is a wise-cracking junkie, saved by Roland and Odetta is a civil rights activist from the 60's who lost her legs. Both of them are awesome.


Hmmmm, I started this with a fancy title but I don't remember all that I want to say. If the first book was a long prologue, this book was a really long chapter 1. That's not bad, I couldn't stop reading so it kept me interested, it just is so obvious that this is not the end and better stuff is coming.


One thing, I miss Jake. I like Jake. I would really like to see him come back. (Good thing I hear he's gonna.)


Sucky review... ah well, here's a quote to pretty it up.


"Why do you keep looking back there?" the guy in charge had asked.
"From time to time I need an antidote," Eddie said.
"From what?"
"Your face."