Dark Seduction (Masters of Time, Book 1)

Dark Seduction - Brenda Joyce There was very little that I can rave over in this story, but I didn't want to hot poker my eye's anywhere in it so it gets a 2 star/okay rating.My negatives...I never connected to Malcolm, and I really did not like Claire. He was mostly boring and just a little too condescending and arrogant for me. I know it's odd that I would say that and I'm head over heels for Barrons, but the difference is that Barrons is arrogant and condescending but he's also got a really distinct sexy unique personality. Malcolm just felt like he was written so one-dimensional that it made his cavemanness just a little to much to handle. With Claire I just got tired of hearing her whine and cry. She was a wimpy girl character. I'm sorry, but Malcolm saying 'ye be strong, arrrr' over and over didn't necessarily make me believe it. And the stupid crap that she did sometimes (um... that one thing that I wont name that took place at court)! I love when an author writes a human realistic decision in a book, even if it's maybe a poor one, but when the character has fictional tourette's syndrome in terms of action and reaction... well let's just say there were a few times I was laughing at the lunacy and rolling my eyes.The story was generic. Everything that did happen, I expected to happen. The things that felt like they were trying to be creative or spontaneous were just so outrageous or contrived that I just didn't believe it. I felt like I was reading a parody of a romance novel, with everything exaggerated.The positives...I enjoyed the secondary characters like Royce, Ironheart and Aiden. If I ever run out of things to read (not likely) I may actually read the next two books, since they're about Royce and Aiden.