Blackout: The Newsflesh Trilogy: Book 3

Blackout - Mira Grant

I had this big review that I was going to type out. It was going to start with some Bang's and some Moans, and maybe some kooky written sound explosions (KaBOOOOMMM), because that's how this book was. I felt like I was right there with him, fighting the zombies and sticking it to 'The Man'. Except things didn't go as I thought they were going to.

I'm sort of sad.

Here's the thing, my world has been chaos these last few days. My husbands Grandpa died, so it's been viewings and funerals. Then today I was gone all day for Mother's day. The thing is, all of this started when I had like 15% left in this book so the most important part of the book was fraught with distraction. I couldn't really get into the hype because I was only getting to read once every 10 hours, and then it was only like 2 pages. The emotion just wasn't there for me, but it was not because this book wasn't amazing which is why I'm still giving it the 5 stars that I'm positive it deserves.

It stinks, I waited a year for this book and when I was finally able to read it outside forces prevented me from really being able to enjoy it. Oh well, that just means I'll definitely reread.