The Monstrumologist (Monstrumologist (Quality))

The Monstrumologist  - Rick Yancey

 Original review:


I'm quitting at 47%.

Please note, this was ALLL me. 

The writing in this book was SUPERB, and the story was really creepy and at times sad and heartbreaking.

My review is in no way a reflection of this book, because it's obvious why so many people enjoyed it.

This is all about personal preference. It just wasn't my thing. That's all. Please don't let me review discourage you from reading this book, because it's likely you'll be missing out.

As you can see, I got halfway through this book and almost quit. Thankfully someone happened to mention that the first 50% of this book is slow, but after that it rolls right along. I decided to give it a bit longer and I will gladly admit that I was literally about a chapter away from the good stuff!

The second half of this book was so good that I plowed through it all in about 5 hours. From the very beginning it was creepy, but one paragraph alone had me shivering in my timbers! Here's just a quick quote...

I watched in mute horror, he ran his fingernail over one of the boils clustered on his forearm, breaking open the swollen white center. A squirming, stringy mass of colorless worms gushed from the wound, each no thicker around than a human hair. "Even my tongue," he moaned. "When I talk, the sores burst open and I swallow them." My father began to weep, and his tears were flecked with blood and swam with worms.

I mean... guuuh, even now I shudder!

So thank you Heidi, for noting in your review that the first half was slow. Otherwise I completely would have quit and never known what was coming! That was a very close call!

THIS book is another prime example of why I am so hesitant to quit something. Sometimes what starts off bad ends superb!!! (Like Jellicoe Road.)