Shadow Hills

Shadow Hills - Anastasia Hopcus I'll admit, in the beginning I was sure that this book sucked. Here are a few examples of why...1. When getting busted breaking into a friends room she makes up a lame story about how his mother is sick and that she's trying to get him a message in order to get his roommate to leave and go find him. When the roommate comes back she tells him she was mistaken. It was HER mom that was sick... it gets worse, promise. Then her friend is outside and getting ready to come in. She doesn't want him to see her there so she tells his roommate that she has a crush on her friend. Begs him not to tell that she was there and she CLIMBS DOWN THE TRELLIS!!!! It felt spastic, like Hopocus not have any idea where she was going with this. I can think of at least 3 better cover ups then this!2. Stop me if you've heard this before; MC's older sister who used to be bright and happy became dark and withdrawn, only to die mysteriously. MC then takes off following in her footsteps to figure out the mystery surrounding her sisters death... sound familiar anyone? Yes, it's YA Fever, only... well, spastic.3. Her love interest can hear her thoughts! Okay, I know it's because I have come to hate anything that is Twilight, but this just irked me.But you know what, about halfway into this book I was hooked. It wasn't half bad. I mean, for all my gripes there weren't squirrels littering the school grounds, which I think takes the cake as the absolute worst plot line EVER!Despite the things that jumped out at me as redundant fiction I became intrigued by the secrets and surprises that the book laid out. I thought that maybe it was a bit too much for one story. There were mutants and witches?! What a combo! But somehow it actually worked decently. I even laughed a few times, because what started out as spastic started to feel like it was just Phe's personality. She was... rash and impulsive, and making up terrible stories to explain her antics was like a character trait. It became cute. It's by no means my favorite book, but it was enough that I immediately came to see if there would be a sequel. I could feel potential in her writing. And well, bottom line... anyone who loves Joss Whedon has me at hello. Can I say; Sequel? Please, more spells and witches! Powerful! It was my favorite part.