Evernight (Evernight Series #1)

Evernight - Claudia Gray I just can't give it one star, though I really didn't like it. One star ratings are for books that made me want to pluck out my eyeballs. I didn't want to do that, but only by a little. This book was so stupid. It was just stupid. The world, the ideas, the vampires... just stupid. The only thing that even remotely made it interesting was Lucas and the bit he brought into it. Still, even the Black Crosses weren't enough to save this one for me. I took notes as I was reading. There were many times that I was so disgusted by something that I had to stop and write it down. Ready?1. Lucas and Bianca have one quick moment in the forest (cutest moment in the entire book), they chuckle and flirt. Skip to the following day and Bianca is waxing poetic about how they had a moment and there was no way that Lucas wasn't going to make sure to find her. He would 'know how afraid she was'. I mean... SELF-INVOLVED much!2. But then, Bianca is right! Lucas is crazy in love with her. He can't stay away and then WHAM! I have whiplash because they are connected to the depths of their soul. Mates for life. No, seriously.... I'm serious.3. It gets even better because not only is our Heroine self-involved but she's also self-sacrificing. She likes something, Lucas doesn't though. So of course she immediately says she doesn't like it too. Man, this is a great lesson for our youth, isn't it? 4. She comes across this amazing brooch, and Lucas buys it for her. Except, wait. She's 16! A brooch?! Really! Come on... I know alot of 16 year olds, both with young souls and old souls and none of them wear brooches.5. These vampires are all old! Balthezar was born in the 1640's. So why do they all walk around like catty 16 year olds? And why does Balth have a crush on a teenager. In the beginning it was okay because I didn't know his age. It got even worse as the story goes on because in the end I thought of him as old, and then it just got gross.6. The biggest... the one that made me put down the book and bust out laughing. The dead squirrels. Multiple times in the book the humans in the story have mentioned the fact that the school grounds are just LITTERED with dead squirrels. I kept waiting and waiting to find out why! Like the aura of the vamps caused a subtle change in atmosphere that caused the squirrels to drop dead.... or something like that. Nope, no. Bianca finally later explains that eating humans is like eating a hamburger that punches back. This is an analogy straight from the books. Yes, humans are hamburgers that punch back. So why would a vampire expel that energy when they could just eat something else... wait for it... like SMALL ANIMALS!!! Yes, the vampires are all scrounging around and eating squirrels. How romantic and sexy! Even the vegetarian vampires in That-Series hunted big game. I'm giving it 2 stars, because I liked the idea of the Black Crosses, and because in the end I did laugh till I had tears in my eyes. It also gets a higher mark because I knew when I picked it up I wouldn't like it. I just finished Succubus Blues, which I loved. The next book I read was going to be critiqued harshly.