Burned by Karen Marie Moning

Burned - Karen Marie Moning

It's been so much harder to keep up with reviews lately. I think it's just because my plate is so full, it's harder finding time to even just read!

Alright, let's start with Iced. It's no secret, how I felt about that book. Seriously, I hated it so much I didn't think I would continue. I KNEW I wouldn't continue with the 'Dani' books, and if I picked back up the series when they returned to Mac and Barrons it would have been with serious trepidation.

Then KMM released the news that she wouldn't be doing three Dani books, as she previously said. She said that she would be returning to Mac in the next book and I admit that I got more intrigued, especially with how Iced ended. The real reason that I picked up this book, though, Jericho Barrons. Yep, I said it. I'm not afraid. I'd read most anything if he's in it.

Luckily I wasn't burned this time... Burned, get it! Ha! KMM did a lot of back pedaling, which I'm sure she'd deny, and she did a lot of explaining (which again, I'm sure she'd deny), and I know a lot of her fans/readers were annoyed at this. My guess is those are the same readers/fans who didn't hate Iced with the passion 10 fiery suns like I did. Because here's the thing, I thinks she NEEDED to back pedal a little bit. I think she needed to explain to us why she made some of the choices she did. And honestly, being back with Mac and Barrons made for so much better of a story, by leaps and bounds.

Was Burned a better story than Iced. OH yes.
So, will Burned ever be what Dreamfever or Shadowfever was? No.
Will the future books get back to that level? Possibly. I'm back to hopeful. Let's just see if I stay there...